Pregnant and Privileged: A Discussion on Racial Disparities in Maternal Care

I was almost 40 and I was sure my life was perfectly full. We had gotten well past our first year as a married couple (even though we'd spent near six years prior "playing house"). Our eldest children, now teens, were more than capable of managing themselves around the house and our youngest children were [...]

Breastfeeding While Initiating in Cuba

Editor's Note: One of our dear sisters was initiated in to Santeria recently. We appreciate her sharing some of the thoughts that came to her during her journey to one of her ancestral homelands and giving insight into what it has meant for her to be granted space to continue nurturing her young child during [...]

Remembering Korryn Gaines, 1 Year Later

Today, Brown Girls Out Loud is kicking off our Milk and Motherhood series. In the coming days and weeks, we will celebrate life and love but before we do, we will honor Korryn Gaines and acknowledge the mother she was not permitted to be. In her death, let's remember that her life was revolutionary and [...]