The Road to Health and Healing 

If you see me and I don't speak That means I don't fuck Wit you - Cardi B If you see me and I don't speak, it could mean that I don't fuck with you, but it could also mean that I'm trying to hold my shit together because I'm over stimulated and really just … Continue reading The Road to Health and Healing 

Its My Birthday and I’ll Demand Gifts If I Want To

Facebook keeps asking me to fundraise or to ask my friends to support a cause in honor of my birthday, which is coming up very soon. I’m pretty sure that the idea is for people to give to non-profit organizations but... I am a special cause. Give me money. Seriously. I understand that the idea … Continue reading Its My Birthday and I’ll Demand Gifts If I Want To

#WCW — Solange

Last year's critically acclaimed visual album, Lemonade grabbed hold of every sister circle in earshot and refused to let them go. The celebration of love, scorn and redemption carefully woven together with poetry by Warsan Shire is Beyoncé's greatest non-human creation to date. As we coasted through our days screaming, "Don't hurtchoself!" and "I AINT SORRY!", … Continue reading #WCW — Solange

Motivation Monday: Being a Visionary

Nothing happens in the "real" world unless it first happens in the images in our heads. -Gloria Anzaldua, Borderlands/La Frontera Brown Girls, we are nothing less than glorious! Seeing ourselves as glorious is its own kind of revolution! This week, we want to challenge ourselves to see our own glory inside our minds first. I … Continue reading Motivation Monday: Being a Visionary