Brown Girls, Out Loud


The Colored Girl: Rebirth
The Colored Girl: Rebirth by Joey Rosado

“Yes, We love black women. We are black! But we are also brown and part of a much larger global community of Colored Girls. And yes, we feel that what we are doing is sorely needed, because representation matters.” – Victory Jones and Tori Elizabeth

When we started this project, I immediately had visions of beautiful brown tones, warm and cool, golden and deep like the earth. We envisioned us celebrating and honoring women in brown skin of all shades. Laughing and sharing the magic that flows between women whose souls recognize each other, maybe from a past lifetime. As we worked through planning of content and layouts and all the fun stuff, it hit me like a  brick…

Will Black women say this isn’t Black enough? Will Black women say that we don’t center Blackness? 

So I’m writing to tell you that we ain’t here for that.

We are here to write about the experiences of women of color.  We want to talk about us finding a place to reconnect, in spite of or because of of a society that constantly attempts to pit us against each other. We want to talk about the colorism between women of color. We want to bridge the gaps that make boys I grew up with covet “Spanish” girls because they were better than “Black” girls.  Black and Latinx are not mutually exclusive. 

Colonization of the Americas has left us fragmented and disjointed. Family lines spread out all over this hemisphere.  We are all part of the same story. From indigenous people who were robbed and murdered, to Africans who were kidnapped and murdered. The DNA from both  have survived through centuries of white supremacy and violence against our bodies and our spirits. We want to unpack anti-blackness and honor every.single.last ancestor who came here chained up in a boat, who resisted colonization, who didn’t to stay alive, whose legacy lives on in the brownness of your skin.

I Am My AncestorsWildest Dreams

We are here for light skint girls, dark skint girls, in-between skint girls who are light skint in one room and dark skint in the other, Latinas asked to choose between race or their ethnicity, Black biracial girls told they aren’t Black enough (or too Black!), Asian girls, indigenous girls and girls who are fabulous compilations of all this and more! 

We are upon trying but exciting times. So many of us are working to reclaim our identities, reclaiming our religions, languages and cultures. Let us claim our sisters and cousins too. Our ancestors will be pleased.

If you’re ready to pull up a seat, sip some tea and celebrate yourself and your sister, Baby, come on in.

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