Monday Motivation: Be Larger

Author and poet Julia Alvarez said, “Each of us will have to make choices that allow ourselves to be larger versions of ourselves.”

A life lived out loud is a life self examined and thoroughly unpacked. What does the larger version of yourself look like? What kind of choices do we make that make us smaller? How can we make choices that grow us and make us large?

For me asking for help, before I’m overwhelmed and drowning, is a choice I can make to help me grow and become a larger version of me. I don’t have to carry the world on my shoulders.

What do those choices look like for you?

Brown girls face a set of challenges many others can not even comprehend, just admitting that makes us larger…louder….stronger in the face of all the things that make our knees weak and our hearts heavy!

LET’S BE LARGER this week, LET’S BE LARGER this lifetime. LET’S BE LARGER together!


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