Hey yall!

We realize that women make the world go round. And even more true, women make other women’s  worlds go round!

Do you have a friend or several friends who always have your back? Tell you what you need to hear, whether you want to or not? Do your girls make you laugh, help with your kids or encourage you to reach your dreams? Women who are the epitome of sisterhood?

Nominate them for #SisterFriendFriday!

Here’s how:

Send us a Facebook message or email us at justtwobrowngirls@gmail.com with subject line: #sisterfriendfriday with the following info:

  • Her name
  • A link to her Facebook page so we can tag her on the shout-out
  • Why she’s fabulous
  • A photo of your sisterfriend

Based on the submissions we get, we will choose someone to shout out and shower with love on our page every week, starting this Friday!



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