Monday Motivation: Centering Ourselves

Even though the world feels big and intimidating, it’s almost calming to realize, even within the smallest thing like a cell, there’s an infinity – Amandla Stenberg

Big words from a young woman. They are still wise words and a mouthful of motivation to get us through a week. The world does indeed feel big and often we move through it not completely connected. It would be great if we all were living our dreams but really, for most of us, it’s about surviving.

Making time to connect to one another, ground ourselves, center and celebrate each other, is a luxury when you are struggling for your ends. Even self-care feels like a luxury, in this very big and very intimidating world. The catch, connectedness, centering ourselves and our needs , acknowledging our small space in the universe, is that much more critical in survival mode. It is, in fact, radical to our own health and well-being.

We are made of star stuff and we matter, even the ‘smallest’ of us matter. We’re reminded of Henrietta Lacks most vividly in this sentiment. Her infinite contributions through her infinite cells, giving life to an infinite amount of people. We are all life givers and we are, all of us, infinite.

This week we hope to love more deeply, both ourselves, and our village. We hope to embrace the infinity in our own tiny foot prints on the universe. We hope to connect with the great and the small things in and around us and be the light we need to see in the world.

Thank you all for being here and taking up space in the universe with us! We hope you get on with your week in peace and love and the moments to engage in joyful things.


The Brown Girls



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