#WCW — Audre Lorde

Last week, I stumbled across this article about Audre Lorde. I had seen her name around in the past few years, but honestly never did any research about her. So I landed on this article about white feminists appropriating her words and her work, identifying with the parts about feminism but totally discarding the parts about her calling out racism and how it is intertwined with her feminism. Everything I’ve gotten my hands on about her has clearly stated her proclamation of her identity as a Black woman lesbian being a bound intersection that she would not dissect.My heart swells in pride.

So I’m digging to learn more about her and will be adding her works to my reading lists. (You can click here to find her Author Page on Amazon.)

Also, check out this trailer for a film called, Audre Lorde – The Berlin Years. Her spirit  alone is certainly woman crush worthy!


Woman Crush Wednesday AL (2)

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