#SisterFriendFriday — Dana Russell

 What’s her name?

 Dana Russell aka Her Royal Highness Princess Dana

Why is she fabulous?

Well, she is a princess! Full of strength and grace, assests that all of the best princesses embody. 

This lady is the type to make sure every single pair of shoes she owns has earrings to match and will curse someone on your behalf as she calms you with her soul soothing embrace. Dana shares her truth with a raw honesty that is as humbling as it is inspiring. That’s part of her power and what makes her so special. She is everyone’s favorite sister, mama, baby girl, auntie and friend. She’s every woman you’d want to know or be, all wrapped up in one. Love is her superpower. 

Dana is also a gifted writer. Her words, about parenting and existing as a Black woman, often seem to be everything you’ve wanted to say but gave been too angry, spent or just unable to put into words.

She is a gift to all who know her. And now that you have been introduced, feel free to slide some coins into her PayPal

How can we learn more?

Keep up with Dana on Facebook or on her website

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