Monday Motivation: Power

Power is NOT brute force and money

Power is in your spirit. Power is in your soul. It is what your ancestors gave you. Power is in the earth. It is  your relationship to the earth. – Winona LaDuke

I know we so often hear money is power and we so often see how this is perpetuated over and over. Especially given the current administration.

That may be true in some cases, it would also be superficial.

I don’t have much but I am powerful.

My power doesn’t live in white supremacists tokens and idols. My power comes from my spirit. My power comes from my will, from the sheer insistence that I AM HERE and I WILL BE SEEN! That I BELONG. That I REFUSE TO BE DIMINISHED!

Winona LaDuke reminds us of the original power, the power of our reliance on earth and the connection with all it has birthed. Respecting this space and honoring what we’ve taken , empowers us to connect to creatures great and small.

She reminds us of where we come from. As brown girls, she reminds us we come from power and resilience. She reminds us we are the original mothers. Ours is the spirit that survives. We don’t always have to be strong because our ancestors endured. We have each other and that collective is powerful too.

Connect to  your power whenever and wherever you can this week. Honor your ancestors as often as possible and feed your spirit constantly. We are a beautiful, powerful beings who matter! May peace, love, and joyful things find you this week!



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