#WCW — Moana of Montanui

Did we name a Disney character our #WomanCrushWednesday?


I have a 3 year old who has had me watching this movie at least once per day since we got our hands on a copy of it. There are a hundred reason to love this movie (the soundtrack, the visuals), but I want to write specifically about Moana.

Ill give you 10 reasons why I love her.


1. Moana literally means ocean.

2. She’s a young woman who is being groomed to be chief and is good at it.

3. Despite being a great leader, the ocean calls out to her. She tries to go on a voyage but her boat capsizes. Here, she has a dream and she goes after it, even if she fails.

4. The waters surrounding Montanui have lost all of its fish. She tries to find a way to save the day and even when her dad discourages her because of his own fears, she takes her Gramma Tala’s encouragement and goes on her journey.

5. She and her gramma are cut from the same cloth. The bond that they have, as “the village crazy lady” and the sea lover is a sight to behold. They are connected in a way that only a girl and her grandmother can. Their theme songs even share a melody.

6. This girl is incredibly brave. She sets sail with some coconut, mango and an accidental stowaway, a chicken named Hay-Hay. She is determined to be the one to track down Maui, the demigod to restore the heart of Te Fiti and bring good fortune back to Montanui. 

7. She is not here for Maui’s nonsense and with the help of the ocean, they work together to keep him on task to get to Te Fiti.8. One of the sweetest things is Moana’s connection to her ancestors. Gramma Tala passes away and as her spirit takes on the form as a stingray, she illuminates the way and aids her girl over the reef and out to the open sea. Moana also finds and takes pride in being descended from voyagers who have traveled and explored the world. It is they who guide her and protect her. 

9. She doesn’t really have a clue about sailing but figures it out.

10. She is a brown girl with a beautiful and courageous spirit. She is not fearless –no, she has fears and is uncertain of her ability to save her people — but she is able to listen to her heart to find her way.


In short, I love her. Click here to see Auli’l Cravahlo performing How Far I’ll Go at the 2017 Academy Awards. (She rocks too!)

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