#WCW – Tracee Ellis Ross

Born in Los Angeles in 1972 to the iconic Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross began her career as a fashion editor and model. After landing the role as Joan in the television hit Girlfriends, she solidified her place in my heart! She has been my woman crush since her time on Girlfriends and as Rainbow on Black-ish she is equally dynamic and engaging.

She’s so much more than Ms. Diana’s daughter or either of her TV characters. Spend any time on her social media accounts and you can see her joy. It bursts right out of her face all over you:

Health and the functionality of my body is more important than what it looks like

photo: Health Magazine

She looks good though and I believe it’s the joy. She’s got a light and it just oozes from her smile and right out of her eyes. Her joy springs from the ringlets that spill from the top of her head, crowning her gloriously. There is something about her that is authentic and real and effortless. She is the flame and I am the moth. We go together!

Tracee “feels” like someone you can have lunch with everyday. She “feels” like an old friend who knows everything about you and loves you anyway. She “feels” like a sister we can tell all our secrets too.

She definitely looks and feels like a Brown Girl Out Loud and we love her for it!

She deserves to be everyone’s #WomanCrushWednesday.


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