#SisterFriendFriday — Stephanie Robertson

What’s her name?

Stephanie Robertson

Why is she fabulous?

She is a sweet, caring, loyal, hardworking ambitious woman and I’m proud and honored to call her friend. I call her my Sole Sister because she and I are both Brand Ambassadors for ShoeDazzle and JustFab and we clicked pretty much right away. And since then we’ve joined Younique together and both hit yellow status presenters together. In that time, we’ve supported each other through social media, video chats and face time makeup tutorials when one of us is having a bad day, just needing a shoulder to cry on or an ear to vent to or just needing some help with brow shaping or highlighting and contouring.

She sends gifts to me and my family and we check on each other daily. Since she’s in retail management she’s always busy and having recently gone through a breakup and not having family close by (about an hr away), I worry about her and always want to make sure she’s ok. She is so busy and does so much for others, and somehow never forgets to check in on me.

I haven’t been lucky enough to meet her face to face yet, but it’s a must as I speak to her more then I speak to my blood siblings. She always takes the time and is always there to remember special moments and I appreciate her very existence SO very much. I’d love if you could give her a should out because she truly IS my sister friend.

How can we learn more?

Stephanie is Social Media Community Specialist at CurvyStyle. Follow their Facbook page!

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