Brown Girls Do Self Care + Submissions

To empower us to Laugh, Love, and Live, Out Loud, that’s been the goal for BrGOL since day one. Our mission is very simple


It is in this spirit, that we launch our first annual Self Care Series.

In the coming weeks and months our publication will focus its features on self care. From the music that soothes our souls to the food that fuels our days. Health, wealth, and wisdom will be the focus and Brown girls will share their favorite ways to decompress.

Have you eaten? Did you shower? Take your meds? Have you checked your melanin today? Is it still poppin?

This series will be a living breathing homage to self love and radical self care!

We can’t wait to share and care with you.

Now to our call for submissions!

Come Write Out Loud With Us!

First, we need to say that none of this would be possible with out the support of our generous patrons and if you appreciate our growth and want to see more, join us on Patreon!

With that said, BrGOL can now afford to pay for submissions to our publication.

Between 4/13 – 4/27 we encourage you to submit a pitch for an original piece focused on self care. If you are interested send your pitch via email: SUBJECT: SELF CARE PITCH

For the moment we are only accepting completed works as requested and pitches focused on the requested theme. Please do not send original pieces to us unless we have accepted your pitch and requested the piece. Off topic pitches or unsolicited original pieces will not be reviewed.

Learn more about our submission guidelines and editorial standards and contact us with any questions or concerns. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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