12 Hair Gifs Brown Girls Know All Too Well

Pulling foreign objects out of your hair:

Where did that come from?

I’m getting my hair done today…

All day? Yes, the whole damn day. See you when I see you.

When your kinks, coils, and curls are poppin:

I gotta stop a minute to admire this one right here: poppin

When it’s time to detangle:

Tip to root, tip to root

Trying to slick your baby hair:

Melanin poppin, eyebrows on fleek. Baby hair says NAH!

After a blow out:

But your hair was so short yesterday! I know, baby. I’m magic.  *wink emoji*

The power of braids:

Hated in youth but handy to set a fire twist-out or detangled deep condition!

When your hair cooperates

Finally no frizz!

After all your new hair is in:

Yes, its mine. I paid for it!

When you know you your hair is fine af:

Don’t touch my hair

How do you get your hair like that?


When your bomb hair day needs to be memorialized:

I’m ready for my close up

Stay fabulous Brown Girls! We love you!!!

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