Monday Motivation: Hope

May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears. – Nelson Mandela

We’ve featured his words here before and I am almost certain we’ll use them again in the future. Nelson Mandela is beloved. This week he is inspiring us to hope.

We know that given the current state of the union, hope isn’t overflowing. We know there’s too many reasons to be afraid. For ourselves and our children. Still, as long as there’s life in us, there’s hope. As long as there is hope in us, we can take Mr. Mandela’s advice and make choices that reflect our hopes.

Fear is a powerful motivator but the baggage that comes along for the ride – hate, anger, pride – can cloud our judgement. Don’t make permanent decision while in a temporary emotional state. Instead, take a deep breath, sleep on it, wait for hope’s light to penetrate your heart and then decide.

Our publication was born from exactly that hopeful place. In the face of so much pain and a severe lack of representation; Brown Girls was born as a way to prove to ourselves and all of you, there is much to celebrate. We are worth centering, we matter!

Hope builds great things, hope creates change both within and out. This week we want to focus on hope. We want to visualize life past the fear. Even if the only thing you can see on the other side is you, keep dreaming, keep going, keep hoping…we believe in you! See us there too, on the other side of fear, cheering you on!!!

Stay hopeful and let the choices you make spring from that hopeful place, love is born there! Be well Brown Girls! We love you! xoxox A + J


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