GIFs for People Who Love Food too Much

We are talking about self-care in the form of food this week! Exploring how we care for ourselves through feeding ourselves.  I realize, not everyone loves food in the same ways. To be very honest not everyone even has a great relationship with food.

Still, there are some of us who love food quite a lot. Almost, too much, if there is even such a thing. This post is for those folks.

The people who think about food, like, always, like, all together way too much. The ones constantly asking themselves what they want to eat. Those who look at food the way we want most people to look at us, with complete and utter devotion!

Enjoy! This post is for you!

1. When your workplace pays for lunch unexpectedly


2. Food envy – you just have to try one bite, that’s it!


3. When you and your friends agree on what to eat


4. Finding all the ingredients for your favorite dish


5. This is always the most important question


6. Your idea of Netflix and Chill


7. No one saved me a plate?


8. When you try a new recipe


9. When you try a new recipe


10. Before eating…


11. After eating


12. Realizing there’s seconds


We see you foodies! Stay healthy and well fed! #selfcareisLove

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