Monday Motivation: Creativity

Don’t wait for permission to do something creative. Ava DuVernay

We don’t need anyone’s permission to indulge in the creative. Brown girls don’t have a lot of room for this because our very existence is often judged so harshly. There seems to be such a strict criteria for Black and Brown kids to follow. A box they are expected to fit in depending on race, gender, sexual orientation, and there is such little room for any of us to deviate from what’s expected.

We need to give each other room to be creative souls.

In this quote, Ava DuVernay has liberated me, by telling us we don’t need permission to be creative souls, she has given us all permission to be creative souls! She has lifted the burden of needing approval from anyone but ourselves.

Do something creative. Whatever, creative might be for you. Write a poem or paint. Start a new hobby or a blog. Watch your favorite movie. Listen to all of your favorite songs and get lost!

We are exploring self care and finding comfort through creative works this week. Often times getting “lost,” is critical to our mental well-being. So get lost in a, good book, your favorite movie, Prince’s entire discography, or the latest 20+ episodes series on Netflix; Entertainment has always been a healthy way to escape life’s burdens.

We hope you find the time to escape into something creative and get to indulge in some thing fun, frivolous, and  strictly entertaining. You deserve it!


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