Tending Wounds on Mother’s Day

I love my mom. My mom loves me. I believe that my mother has always loved me. I do not believe that my mother has always loved herself as much as she should have. I believe that affected the capacity of how she was able to love me. 

My mother, by divine magic and fierce determination, has healed herself from a life time of wounds. In healing herself, she has healed us. I consider her a friend. I am incredibly proud and inspired by her journey of self-love. Humbled. 

These things are not true for everyone I know. So many of my friends have toxic relationships with their mothers. I know so many people who have anxiety attacks at the mere mention of their mother’s name. Decades of physical, psychological, emotional, financial abuse, so many are broken. So many have developed calluses in their souls over places their mothers violence rubbed them raw. 

For some of us, there is no hope for reconciliation. I stand and witness your strength to lay boundaries, to build them high and strong to protect yourself, your children and or the young child version you that remains, who may have been denied love and acceptance. I send you love this weekend in the barrage of flowers and dedications that make you uncomfortable and remind you of how you were cheated out of a mother’s love, safety and grace.

You are loved. Your feelings are valid. You are worthy. You are beautiful. I wish you healing and peace.

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