Monday Motivation: Your Story

If there’s a book that you want to read but it hasn’t been written yet, then you must write it. – Toni Morrison

Books, writing or reading them can be therapeutic. Whether transporting you to another place and time or guiding you towards healing, words are powerful. Books are affirmations of the human spirit and we revere them at Brown Girls Out Loud!

That’s why, as the summer fast approaches, we are gearing up for our very own Book Club; A Summer reading edition. We want to celebrate books and the people who write them. Beyond the literal self help tome, books can be self care. My favorite book, 100 Years of Solitude, is worn from multiple readings. I escape to it in times of stress and I am soothed.

As Brown girls, however, finding representation isn’t always easy. Much of the novels on the shelves in libraries and book stores are written by white men and women and it is their distinct perspective in which we see the world.

Toni Morrison challenges us to rise to the occasion and create the stories we want to read. Represent ourselves, fully, and create the magic lacking in the stories being published. Let’s be the author’s of our stories this week Brown girls!

Take control of your own narrative and record your journey. There is therapy in putting your pain and your triumph to the page. Even if no one else reads your book, your story still matters and we encourage you to get lost in the tales you have to tell as well.

Always be the star of your own great works, never the supporting character!

We love you! xoxox A + J


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