White Men are a Hazard: It is critical we admit it – Part I

I know that many of you clicked over in a rage. You are ready to accuse me of my own display of sexism and racism. You are ready to accuse me of click baiting you like a troll. No matter, I’m glad you are here, we need to talk.

We have some hard truths to face on our journey to becoming better human beings.

If you are white – this article is for you.

If you are a man and white, this article is actually about you personally. There are a great many of you, right now, great guys, up in arms and ready with the “Not all…” response.

I beg of you to shut the fuck up and hear me out. You could actually fix this shit, if only you could take responsibility for it first.

I’m not going to be speaking hyperbolic nonsense. I am going to be speaking plain facts, figures, and nothing but the truth. I have a conscience and a strong obligation to tell the whole truth and nothing but…here we go:

I’m not afraid to admit that we have a serious public health problem and it’s white men. In charge of most everything and really fucking things up. They have been, for centuries.

However, we don’t even need to dig into the historical records, we can look no further then the recent G7 Summit. Participants include:

Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, United Kingdom, the United States, and the
European Union:


This annual event brings together the leaders of the free world to discuss, economy, security, and energy on a global scale. Notice anything missing here? I’ll give you a minute if you need it…




Approximately. 99.9% of them are white and male. It’s safe to say, based on this, the majority of the world’s leadership rests in the hands of mostly white men.

You know what that means? The buck stops here!

I think you may be trying to find ways to deny me this win…it’s ok, I was prepared for such an occasion. Let’s move on, shall we?

91 percent of leaders in the workforce are white men – this means that capitalism as a whole rests in the hands of mostly white men. When we say things like, “money is the root of all evil,” what we should be saying is, “white men with money are the root to all evil,”

64 percent of the mass shootings in the country are committed by white males – our response to these shootings is usually a collective mourning and beg for stricter gun control. Guess what?

79.8 percent of congress is comprised of white men – they have the power to right a majority of social wrongs but do not. In fact, 65 percent of all elected offices belong to white men. So far, just given these facts, we see, white men are in charge of capatalism and government policy.

They are also in large part running major religious institutions. 7 out of 10 ordained priests are white. 92 percent of Presbyterian pastors are also white men. The Unitarian Universalist Association is currently experiencing great turmoil over a lack of diversity at leadership positions.

Based on these statistics we can then go ahead and say, “White men are in charge of capitalism, government, and religion.”

If we need historical context, here in America…

36.7 percent of those who personally enslaved Black people in the south were white men

100 percent of those who are benefiting from the genocide of natives and the enslavement of African people are white men (and white women).

I don’t need a link for that, all one has to do is pull themselves out of denial. On this side of your alternative reality (a place I like to call…reality), any one can google these stats.

White men (and women) are by far the greatest benefactors of colonialism. They are by far the greatest benefactors of war, they are by far the greatest benefactors of white privilege.  They are, by far, the greatest threat to women, especially Black and Non-black Women of Color.

White men commit 69.3 percent of violent crimes in America, according to the FBI. That means almost 70 percent of the rape, murder, aggravated assaults, and arson are committed by white men. White men also comprise 67 percent of drug abuse violations in this country and they are responsible for 65.8 percent of the offenses reported against family and children. In comparison, Black people are responsible for 31 percent.

When people ask me, often rhetorically, “What is wrong with this world?” my very real, answer is…”White men.”

When people ask me what we can do to make this world a better place, my very serious response is, “DIVEST FROM WHITE MEN.”

Climate change, human trafficking, war, brutality….can all be laid at the feet of WHITE MEN! They invented our current state of the union. They are responsible for all of it, despite making up only 31 percent of the American populous.

They are the ones in charge, making the decisions that effect us all. The statistics do not lie. It is not hyperbolic to say white men have caused more global damage than any other demographic on the planet. Than any other species. White men are a consistent threat to public health, everywhere but, especially here, in the USA.

Why are we afraid to admit it? Especially when all the clues point us there.

The cause of all this strife can be connected to white male entitlement in some way, shape, or form. All this violence, is theirs. White male success relies on the violent subjugation of others. It is the only way it has managed and still manages to survive but we are too polite to say it.

I am not too polite…my entire life’s purpose is to center, uplift, and empower Brown girls – all women. White men are a fucking plague. All men are toxic trash but the white one’s are especially heinous because they are also propaganda machines, scooping up, and throwing away Black and Non-black PoC, like used tissue, in their quest for success.

That includes their president a white man, 63% of other white men voted for. They (and their white female counterparts) are responsible, for putting that treasonous maniac and his cohorts in office. Before you interrupt me, yes, white women are also culpable – equally culpable (I am a feminist after all) and we must discuss their brand of violence too. However, that is for a whole other post.


I am angry at white men and their over emotional, overly sensitive, ego maniacal ways. They have more privilege then they deserve. They owe humanity everything and we operate like the problem and it’s solution is some type of mystery.

It’s no mystery my loves. Let the record show, white men are a serious threat to humanity in every way and it is far past the time we admitted that.

We will continue with a part II of this series, in that piece we will be exploring white male violence, specifically looking at current incidents including the recent stabbing in Portland, mass murder incidents, and pedophile culture.

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