13 GIFs Only Book Lovers Will Get


Your book takes a disappointing turn

Book takes a bad turn

Your childhood

(music + books = everything)

Childhood look like this

The Reading Rainbow

Reading Rainbow

Your favorite book becomes a movie

Book gets a bad review - Copy

Bookstore run

New book in series

“You have too many books,”


Too many books

Summers be like

Summers be like

Me: “Reading any good books?”

Them: “I don’t read”


my response to I don't read

Searching for a quiet place to read

Finding a quiet place to read

Why didn’t you use a “Spoiler Alert”?

When someone drops a spoiler

Finding a new book you love

when you find a new book you love

A fave character dies

when its over

The book is over

When the author kills a fave character

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