10 Jewels of Wisdom from Eartha Kitt

We are celebrating legends because we love centering Black and Brown excellence, and there is no greater legend to start with than Eartha Kitt.

Eartha Mae Kitt – 1927 – 2008 – was a singer, actress, activist, and outspoken personality, she was a force! Not sure who she is? Look no further than the original Catwoman or to the timeless holiday classic, “Santa Baby,” for proof of her prowess and personality!

Eartha is the woman we can all look to when we need a confidence boost! She gave us a blueprint for loving and honoring ourselves, jewels of wisdom for us to follow.  We thought we would collect some of those jewels and present them to you here!

On Love:

Eartha Kitt I fall in love with myself   Eartha Kitt I want someone to share me with me

On Messy Haters:

Eartha Kitt Talks to Reporter Eartha Kitt talks to reporter

On choosing just the right outfit:


On your reputation:


On being yourself:

wicked  so

On representation:


On compromise:


On finding your rhythm


On living your best life (It is so good):


On settling for less


We love you Eartha Kitt! We are not worthy to walk in your legacy!








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