#BlackBreastfeedingWeek – Aemeri

BrGOL Guest Contributor: Aemeri Kenasen

Scattered pieces of my identity
Reduced to these human walls that brand me woman…
with nothing but flesh to define the outline of what it means to be “mother”.
Though nurturing I remain, my exterior stamps me as “other”
and my essence remains a cry for disdain
all because I prefer the term “chest” over “breast”.

Aemeri is an artist, author and annoying pet parent, but works as a full spectrum doula and public health worker serving the LGBTQIA+ POC communities. They live with two pets and an ex in Kansas City for now, but your support of this post and donations sent to the link below will help them obtain safe housing of their own and enable them to bring us all more great content like this!

Reach them online via FB messenger or contribute to their artistry!

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