#BlackBreastfeedingWeek – Hess Love

I wish I dried up
I wish every drop of my milk slipped passed those pink lips and nourished the ground
Where the bones lay
Of my babies
Starved while I feed their murderer
I wish I dried up
So the missus babies would dry up too
And be brittle
So I could crumble them to dust
Return them to the ground
Where all children of my bosom lay equal


Hess Love is a independent Feminist scholar and writer based out of Baltimore. If you love this work, show your support.


One Reply to “#BlackBreastfeedingWeek – Hess Love”

  1. This is one of the most moving poems I have ever read in my life. I saw it on Instagram and I did a search on a line from it and it brought me here. I’m assuming Hess Love wrote it. I can hardly describe the way it affected me in words. Very moving.

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