Dear Asia: Happy Anniversary

Brown Girls Out Loud is exactly ONE year old today! BLESS! It has been an incredible year full of learning and growth. This, by far, is the most satisfying work, meant for me and there is no other person I could have imagined fulfilling this with other than Asia Renee. She is a true creative partner and I am not worthy but I will always work to be. I believe our friendship is the muse for our blog. We want to center and uplift all Brown girls the way we center and uplift each other.

Her insight and ferocious instinct have molded and shaped this space and I am so proud of what we’ve managed to do, in the midst of our very hectic lives! Happy Anniversary to us. The work we are doing here matters more because we are doing it together. I look forward to all the months (and years) of more learning, growth, more centering and uplifting Brown girls and most especially, more living our lives out loud!

Here are my top 3 favorite posts from Asia this year:

  1. The Road to Health and Healing
  2. Why I’m Not Shaming Taxmas Spending
  3. Can we Keep Black in Black History Month

When we started this project, I immediately had visions of beautiful brown tones, warm and cool, golden and deep like the earth. – Asia on Brown Girls Out Loud

Writer. Mother. Lover. Sisterfriend. Warrior.

You can and should check out any single thing she’s written for Black History Month or give her anniversary (or belated birthday) gifts. Finally, if you are like me and just can’t get enough, please find and follow her personal musings via her blog, Black Woman Gaze.

She deserves all our love so please help me celebrate her and Brown Girls Out Loud today and everyday!

To Brown Girls who’ve been with us from day one. Thank you for your love and dedication. Happy Anniversary to our patrons, who have believed in us in the most extraordinary ways. We have surprises coming for you in the months ahead! If you are reading this and want to get in on those surprises, consider subscribing.

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