A Sisters in the Storm Project

Brown Girls Out Loud: The Sisters in the Storm are on a mission. They want to gift a showing of A Wrinkle in Time to as many Black non-boys as possible. Representation matters and the opportunity to see ourselves reflected on the big screen screen is an invaluable but fortunately, very loving and easy gift to give…You can help, read on and follow the link to learn more and give what you can!

Sisters in the Storm is a collective of Black Women focused on community engagement and Sisterhood among Black Women & non-men.

They are inviting us to take this challenge, please click the image and follow the link for the whole spectacular story and all the details!

Black girls are a storm… #AWITChallenge


You can go ahead and give what you can by following this link directly to the GoFundMe page, every little bit helps. The goal is to pack several theaters! A ticket is approximately $15 but the memories and experience it will provide will last a lifetime so give what you can to help make this happen for as many kids as possible.

DONATE: #AWITChallenge: https://www.gofundme.com/awitchallenge

We love our readers and we know you will be generous! Thank you for reading and giving and please SHARE!

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