Self Care from Brown Girls to Wise Women

We are very excited to be introducing something new for our fans and followers…



The Brown Girls have been thinking about self care and the wisdom of remaining buttered and unbothered in 2018. All the negative tension in life can weigh on us. For Brown girls and non-men, especially, the world is a scary and unwelcome place. If we don’t prioritize our peace of mind, who will?

We always come back to self care but how, when, even what it is, can be as unique as we are as people. Still, it is a necessity and wise women know it and own it. Asia and I want us to heal and our wisdom is telling us that we can start with self care. Self care isn’t just a buzz word, for us it is synonymous with control. Self care is about making specific, healthy decisions for ourselves with ourselves at the center. Is this good for me? If not, what is good for me?

We talk, often, about the things that bring us comfort and make us feel loved and safe. Self care feels like it starts there. It feels like identifying those things that make us feel warm and welcome. A nice hot bath at the end of an excruciatingly long day, followed by butters and lotions that love our skin. These are simple things, for some even luxuries but, really they are tiny acts of self love.

Lotions and potions do not need to be extravagant. However, they can make us feel divine. For this reason, we kept coming back to these simple daily rituals over and over. Two broke, Brown girls looking to feel luxurious by any means necessary felt like a reoccurring theme for us. In this way hydrating ourselves, lovingly, consistently, as an act of self care, has become our quiet revolution.

Spa days are few and far between, if ever they come, so we decided that we wanted to try and bring the spa day home, maybe put it in our purse and even bring it to work with us.

We asked ourselves, how we can love Brown girls and non-men better? We asked ourselves how we can nourish our bodies but also protect us from the almost constant spiritual assault that threatens our existence. We agreed that buttering you, anointing you in our special blend of herbs and oils and love was a way to bring this quiet revolution to you!

That’s how this entire endeavor was born.

The story so far...

What is it?

The Wellspring ™ is an artisan product made by our own two hands with love and wellness in mind. We used a proprietary blend of coconut & grapeseed oils infused with dried homegrown sage and lavender buds. The result is an earthy, yet fresh, deeply nourishing product that seems to nurture our spirit as much as it does our moisture parched skin.

Sage and lavender have long been used spiritually, medicinally and cosmetically for generations by all manner of indigenous people. Lavender, a natural bug repellent with antibacterial properties, also seems to inspire feelings of peace and calm. While, sage, used by healers for centuries, for its anti-bacterial properties to cleanse the air, also has anti-inflammatory, and skin renewing benefits.

The result is a rich, nourishing oil with spiritual peace and protection in mind. You can certainly use the oil on its own but, we have also mixed it into hand crafted body bars, bath bombs, and lip balms for you to enjoy!


How can you get it?

Right now, The Well Spring ™ line of products will only be available to our current patrons, new subscribers, or via in-person purchase.

Subscribing at $20/month or higher, will get you all of the products in the Well Spring ™ line as a “self-care kit” and you will be able to make future purchases of your favorite products at a discount.

Don’t worry, if you are only able to subscribe at $2/month you will still have access to discounts, sales, and giveaways first, before we share them with the public. You will also receive early access to new products as we launch them!

So if you aren’t yet subscribing, please do.

Eventually, we will launch an online store for all our followers and readers. We can’t wait to share this love with y’all, so please stay tuned.

Your patronage and your support has meant everything to us on this journey! We are so excited to be able to share this next offering.

With love,

The Brown Girls & Wise Women


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