Welcome to Wise Woman Apothecary

As Jenina mentioned back in February, we have been working for almost six months crafting our line of bath and body care products to bring them to you. We have slathered our bodies in butters and balms and our skin has never been happier.

This weekend was a great one to share our products with the public for the first time. We received great feedback from people who had tried our samples. Our guests remarked on the scents and textures of our butters. Children were wowed by the reactions of our bath bombs in water as their parents commented on the relaxing aroma wafting up from the sample cups. We are confident that you are going to love our lotions, butters and bombs too.

If you met us at Belle’s Bazaar or the Philly Black Pride Pre-Game Party this weekend, hello! Thank you for your support and making your way here!!

Here is a little bit of information about our two collections, Goldenflower and Wellspring.

The Goldenflower Collection
The Wellspring Collection

If you would like to be of the first to know about our online store, please click here to join our Wise Woman Apothecary mailing list.

Lastly, Jenina and I are thrilled to be able to bring you Wise Woman Apothecary discounts through our Patreon. Sign up today!


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