Healing Powers of Breastmilk: Thoughts Post-Weaning

I stopped nursing in January and I feel clueless as a mother as a result. It didn’t happen overnight… It stopped being our go-to solution over time, little by little. I was both happy and sad with each milestone that took us further away from nursing. I was totally touched out and nursing him had [...]

Breastfeeding While Initiating in Cuba

Editor's Note: One of our dear sisters was initiated in to Santeria recently. We appreciate her sharing some of the thoughts that came to her during her journey to one of her ancestral homelands and giving insight into what it has meant for her to be granted space to continue nurturing her young child during [...]

The Black Women Behind the Beauty and Brilliance of Black Panther

Author: Sherronda J. Brown We have Black women to thank for the amazing Afrofuturistic aesthetics seen in the Black Panther teaser trailer. Ruth E. Carter and Hannah Beachler are two of the film industry's most promising creatives, working tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure that the world displayed on the screen is immersive, authentic, and [...]