Parenting This Week

This week has been especially hard on me and my family. I'm working really hard to be calm and neutral, approaching difficult situations from 0 instead of marching in at 9. It is not easy.   Particularly, it has been really hard to understand my son's feelings, where they are coming from, and how to …

Brief Brunch

Two years olds are extra. Extra loud, extra dramatic, extra needy while extra independent. They require a lot of patience and grace and the sooner you realize keeping calm under their tyranny does everyone good, the better. We had 3 two years olds today. We have been so busy these last few months, y'all. We …

Katniss Everdeen


I don’t downplay what she’s been through
That trip to the arena
Friends murdered right in front of her
Their blood spilled
No one asked for this.
But I’ll tell you
I’ve been in my own arena
Created by the Gamemakers
Crafted to be unwinable
Every single day I
Had babies in this arena and
Hold tight to them
One tied to my back
The other periodically begging me
Mommy, you’re hurting my hand. I
Only mean to hold him close and
Make sure he can’t slip away.
As we maneuver this landscape
Full of traps and spies
Ears planted, listening
And camera’s eyes.
What the fuck are we even fighting
Living for
Moving towards
When only one is meant to win this game
And that one
Is not me.

Your Katniss has arrived.
Not from District 12, but your girl is here.
She did not ask for the…

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