Motivation Monday: Being a Visionary

Nothing happens in the "real" world unless it first happens in the images in our heads. -Gloria Anzaldua, Borderlands/La Frontera Brown Girls, we are nothing less than glorious! Seeing ourselves as glorious is its own kind of revolution! This week, we want to challenge ourselves to see our own glory inside our minds first. I … Continue reading Motivation Monday: Being a Visionary

10 Ways to Show Puerto Ricans Love

It has been a week since Maria set itself on the shores of Puerto Rico, wreaking unprecedented havoc on an already vulnerable population. Many people still do not have power, food, running water, or access to medical attention. It took this administration an agonizing amount of time to lift the Jones Act and start providing … Continue reading 10 Ways to Show Puerto Ricans Love

Bodegas Obsolete? Not Today Satan

So we've been discussing this at length this morning and our resident smart ass Amy Jones has questions…these questions are here for you to ponder, with a foreword by Jenina. The Bodega isn't just a store to sell you coffee and the morning paper. A Bodega is the heart and soul of its, roughly, 3-6 … Continue reading Bodegas Obsolete? Not Today Satan

#BlackBreastfeedingWeek – Hess Love

I wish I dried up I wish every drop of my milk slipped passed those pink lips and nourished the ground Where the bones lay Of my babies Starved while I feed their murderer I wish I dried up So the missus babies would dry up too And be brittle So I could crumble them … Continue reading #BlackBreastfeedingWeek – Hess Love

#BlackBreastfeedingWeek – Aemeri

BrGOL Guest Contributor: Aemeri Kenasen Scattered pieces of my identity Reduced to these human walls that brand me woman... with nothing but flesh to define the outline of what it means to be "mother". Though nurturing I remain, my exterior stamps me as "other" and my essence remains a cry for disdain all because I … Continue reading #BlackBreastfeedingWeek – Aemeri

Pregnant and Privileged: A Discussion on Racial Disparities in Maternal Care

I was almost 40 and I was sure my life was perfectly full. We had gotten well past our first year as a married couple (even though we'd spent near six years prior "playing house"). Our eldest children, now teens, were more than capable of managing themselves around the house and our youngest children were … Continue reading Pregnant and Privileged: A Discussion on Racial Disparities in Maternal Care