Monday Motivation: Surviving

No matter how you choose to tell the story, I am the child of those who survived. - Asia Renée To the disenfranchised, the most vulnerable among us: May you find the will to survive and the strength to do what is necessary to keep surviving, while purging the poison from every part of your life. … Continue reading Monday Motivation: Surviving

Monday Motivation: Old is a Privilege

Aging has a wonderful beauty and we should have respect for that. Eartha Kitt I'm noticing a theme wherein "old" is thrown around like some type of insult. I've been in several conversations about age and I recognize we have an unhealthy relationship with "getting old." Aging is a beautiful privilege and nothing we need … Continue reading Monday Motivation: Old is a Privilege

Monday Motivation: Self Care

Caring for myself is not self-indulgence. It is self-preservation - Audre Lorde   I started a new job this week and I’ve run myself ragged. I’ve come home with an achy body from all of the extra walking, stair climbing and standing. Compounded by the effects of overstimulation from being in a new environment, around … Continue reading Monday Motivation: Self Care

Monday Motivation: Creativity

Don't wait for permission to do something creative. Ava DuVernay We don't need anyone's permission to indulge in the creative. Brown girls don't have a lot of room for this because our very existence is often judged so harshly. There seems to be such a strict criteria for Black and Brown kids to follow. A box they … Continue reading Monday Motivation: Creativity