Motivation Monday: Limitless at Any Age

A poor nights sleep and early wake up time left me with body aches. For some reason, I started thinking about growing older. Nearly all of my closest friends are about ten years older than me. I wondered when I'd start befriending younger women whose energies spoke to me, I thought about the insight into … Continue reading Motivation Monday: Limitless at Any Age

A Few Thoughts On Call-Out Culture

All your faves are problematic. I know this makes it harder to love anyone. I know it makes it harder to support each other. It feels like we are constantly expecting for the other shoe to drop. For the problematic shit to hit the problematic fan. That's the fucked up, problematic world we live in. … Continue reading A Few Thoughts On Call-Out Culture

For Philando, Nabra and Charleena

Friday afternoon, a verdict of "not guilty" was announced. Officer Jeronimo Yanez walked out of Minneapolis courthouse a free man on Friday, 11 short months after murdering Philando Castile. Phil (as he was known) was killed in a traffic stop when his fiancée, Diamond, was pulled over. Yanez approached the vehicle. Phil disclosed that he … Continue reading For Philando, Nabra and Charleena

Recognizing the Star Stuff Inside of Me

Good morning. Much love to you all! I have an intensely spiritual side that I am trying to nurture and share. I had a traditional Catholic upbringing. Religious instruction every Wednesday and church every Sunday until I made the last sacrament of my adolescence, Confirmation. My relationship with God has been confusing at best, non-existent at … Continue reading Recognizing the Star Stuff Inside of Me

I’m Too Much and Just Enough

This is my first post for Brown Girls Out Loud (BrGOL). Asia and I have been toiling away to deliver amazing, uplifting, and authentic content. The process has been cathartic.  Right now, every place I turn, I'm seeing brown girls devalued and diminished. I see erasure and my sisters making themselves smaller. Why? We are … Continue reading I’m Too Much and Just Enough