#WCW — Solange

Last year's critically acclaimed visual album, Lemonade grabbed hold of every sister circle in earshot and refused to let them go. The celebration of love, scorn and redemption carefully woven together with poetry by Warsan Shire is Beyoncé's greatest non-human creation to date. As we coasted through our days screaming, "Don't hurtchoself!" and "I AINT SORRY!", … Continue reading #WCW — Solange

#WCW — Warsan Shire

Sometimes the men - they come with keys, and sometimes, the men - they come with hammers. -Warsan Shire, The House (2014) Some of you may have known of her before Beyoncé released her visual album in 2016. Lemonade centered much of her poetry and if you weren't familiar before you wanted to devour her afterwards. Warsan Shire is a … Continue reading #WCW — Warsan Shire

#WCW – Tracee Ellis Ross

Born in Los Angeles in 1972 to the iconic Diana Ross, Tracee Ellis Ross began her career as a fashion editor and model. After landing the role as Joan in the television hit Girlfriends, she solidified her place in my heart! She has been my woman crush since her time on Girlfriends and as Rainbow … Continue reading #WCW – Tracee Ellis Ross

#WCW — Moana of Montanui

Did we name a Disney character our #WomanCrushWednesday? SURE DID. I have a 3 year old who has had me watching this movie at least once per day since we got our hands on a copy of it. There are a hundred reason to love this movie (the soundtrack, the visuals), but I want to … Continue reading #WCW — Moana of Montanui

#WCW — Audre Lorde

Last week, I stumbled across this article about Audre Lorde. I had seen her name around in the past few years, but honestly never did any research about her. So I landed on this article about white feminists appropriating her words and her work, identifying with the parts about feminism but totally discarding the parts … Continue reading #WCW — Audre Lorde

BrGOL #WCW – Rihanna

Our inaugural #WomanCrushWednesday is none other than Rihanna. Born in Barbados and making waves in the States since she was 17, Rihanna has taken the world by storm with her unapologetic badassness and talent. In a world the presses Black women into tight boxes of respectability, Rihanna has broken out of the box and uses … Continue reading BrGOL #WCW – Rihanna