BrGOL Guest Contributors

Beatriz is the daughter of Caribbean immigrants, born on the island of Manhattan. She is a mother to little D and wife to Big D; a therapist, with special interest in international trauma, family violence and immigrant rights; and a collector of moments and thoughts though quick prose and poems. She grew up in a household practicing multiple African diasporic religions but only recently initiated into Santeria. Beatriz intends to preserve her heritage by researching, writing about and teaching others on Afro-Indigenous healing traditions in the Caribbean. 

Sherronda J. Brown is a native North Carolinian with an academic background in English, Media Studies, Women’s & Gender Studies, and African American & African Diaspora Studies. She primarily writes pop culture and media analysis through a black feminist lens, and is passionate about social justice, black feminisms, and zombies. You can support her work by subscribing to her Patreon  or making a one-time donation to her PayPal.

Morgan Lee is a social services professional who enjoys baking, home renovation DIY and sleeping in. She lives in the Northeast with her husband and several hundred books and albums.

Latrice Rose is a  41 year old social work professional who has spent her career working in the non-profit realm advocating for children, the elderly and the physically or cognitively disabled. She hails from the Midwest and has degrees in Psychology and Public and Non-Profit Administration.

Unique is from the Boogie down Bronx currently living out in Los Angeles. She is the second child of 10 and mother of 1.8 (#2 due in October 2017). She’s a homeschooling natural mama, actress, writer, Massage Therapist and eCommerce owner at She believes in good food, good friendships, family, community support, mystic arts and ancient African Spirituality. She is building community through her actions, relationship building and words. For her, life began with the Bblack woman and she is here to honor that and restore humanity to where it belongs. She loves GOT (House Stark baby!), poetry, reading, a good play or movie and nights in with her chosen family. She is a Goddess redefining her culture and spirituality. She is reclaiming her time. You will soon be able to follow her work at Unique accepts payments here:

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