What is Brown Girls Out Loud?



We met in 2014 in a Facebook group and immediately hit it off. Jenina was doing contract work from home, wrangling her crew of 5 kids, Asia working full time and a new mom. Shortly after, we both ended up pregnant and spent 2015 laughing, crying, and puking as we tried to grow new humans and fight the patriarchy and white supremacy and being fabulous through it all. During that time, we really forged a strong sisterhood, stretching across state lines, a half generation and cultural identities.  We have worked on a handful of projects together, motivating each other to keep going and growing, dedicating ourselves to our gift and love of writing.

And so here we are.


Brown Girls Out Loud was born as a way to keep us going individually and also to build something tangible together, something we could share with other women. We hope to offer a space for women of color to be empowered and to celebrate themselves and each other. We truly believe that there is nothing that can’t be done when you have a couple of bad ass sisterfriends supporting you. Join us!

We will bring you content rich in honesty and variety, making you giggle, feel empowered and possibly teaching you a thing or two along the way!


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