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Submission Guidelines

We are excited to have you with us creating content for Brown Girls Out Loud!

Below you will find our guidelines for submission. This will help keep your content in line with the look, feel, and tone of our publication. Thank you.

Send submissions to: justtwobrowngirls@gmail.com

SUBJECT LINE: “SUBMISSIONS” + [your name + title of piece]

Brown Girls Out Loud (BrGOL) has one mission:

To center, uplift, and empower Brown girls

Our goal is to ensure that the content we create remains true to that mission and close to that center. We realize we may have to tackle heavy topics because life forces us to face ugliness, especially for Brown girls, but, we always work back to our center.

This means:

  • Content you submit here should be authentic but should also align with our mission, to center, uplift and empower, even when the topic is tough, the tone should be hopeful.

We are accepting submissions from women and nonbinary persons of color exclusively, at this time. We feel this is the best way to stay true to our mission. This is not to say we do not accept submissions from other writers, rather women and nonbinary persons of color are centered and their works are given priority in our publication.

We want you to maintain your own voice, that is why we have invited you to our space, above all, be yourself. However, we really appreciate when a creator can match the feeling of BrGOL:

  • Take some time to read through our publication to get to know us before submitting.

BrGOL uses AP editorial style, however:

Images used to accompany your submission must not infringe on any copyrights:

  • Please credit your photos and provide links to original images where possible.

We strive to be a trustworthy source and require you fact check your information:

  • Link to all your original sources.
  • When citing facts and figures, please ensure they are reliable, trustworthy, and appropriately vetted

We will not accept marketing related submissions:

  • Please no sales materials. If you are interested in advertising your goods or services, contact us separately.

With that said, bloggers are free to include PayPal or Patreon links with their content.

Our readers want to know you and probably follow you:

  • Please include an author’s bio with your submission, along with links to your own blog or portfolio where applicable, this should be 3 – 4 sentences.

We verify copy via Plagium and CopyScape, therefore submissions:

  • May not be published anywhere else online
  • Must be original
  • Must credit sources and quotes appropriately

Lastly, for the moment, BrGOL is only accepting completed works as requested and we will only accept pitches for articles from writers who have already been published with us. For writers who have not been published on BrGOL, we ask that you only send pitches when we call for them and those pitches must be on the topic we called for.

Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter @BrGrlsOutLoud to receive our call outs for new content and pitches! BrGOL is currently offering $10 for pieces between 800-1000 words and $15 for pieces 1000 words or more.

Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us. We look forward to creating with you! Feel free to send questions related to submissions, editorial standards, or guidelines to justtwobrowngirls@gmail.com  SUBJECT: “SUBMISSION QUESTIONS”

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