#WCW — Solange


Last year’s critically acclaimed visual album, Lemonade grabbed hold of every sister circle in earshot and refused to let them go. The celebration of love, scorn and redemption carefully woven together with poetry by Warsan Shire is Beyoncé’s greatest non-human creation to date. As we coasted through our days screaming, “Don’t hurtchoself!” and “I AINT SORRY!”, we were blindsided with the release of Solange’s A Seat at the Table.

Some blasphemously call her The Lesser Knowles… I like call her The Freest Knowles. As the younger sister in my family, I look upon comparisons between female siblings with disdain. However, something in holding up these women and these two pieces of art makes me respect and crush on Solange even more.

ASatT is a Black ass album. It is a celebration of blackness, a solid piece of truth, an anthem of self-love and Black pride.

Solange’s career started with her being a background dancer and singer for Destiny’s Child. Her sound and style were different from the start and she went a totally different route with Solo Star. From there, after marrying and having her son Julez at 18 and shortly after divorcing, she went on to release SolAngel and the Hadley Street Dreams.
Solange then went on a journey of self discovery. She traveled the world. She wrote. She blogged and tweeted more than y’alls president with far better content and infinitely less typos. She became a respected DJ. She released True. She started a record company. She had a big chop. She attacked Jay-Z in an elevator in what appeared to be defense of her sister (🤔🤔 inspiration for Lemonade or …?). She got married. She openly moved to NOLA and is a part of her community.

She is taking playing back up to no one. Solange has arrived and we are hanging on to every moment!


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